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We’re Apollo AI, and we’re disrupting the automotive industry with our groundbreaking solutions.
Curious to find out more?

Browse through our website, and get in touch if you would like to request a demo.

Who We Are

Movers And Shakers.

We are currently in stealth mode and working with limited partners. We are building full software stack for self-driving for consumer cars. We have expertise in simultaneous localization and mapping, object detection, tracking and classification, decision making and path optimization. We follow a judicious approach of mixture of classical techniques with modern deep learning based on our more than 100 person years of experience in information theory, control systems, detection and estimation, machine learning, neural networks, communication and signal processing systems, systems design, navigation.

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Introducing Apollo AI

with demo of the key first step to self-driving

What We Do

The Possibilities Are Endless.

We are building low-cost super-safe self-driving system and HD maps.

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Henrik Fisker

The implementation of autonomous driving needs a whole new rethinking. To really make it an attribute for society, we really need to think differently about where and when and how we implement this.

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Get in Touch

4701 Patrick Henry Drive, Building 25

Santa Clara, CA 95054

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